Chris + Bri | CBVAUGHN

Before simply bri vaughn, it started with CBVaughn, the husband and wife team of Chris + Bri.

Chris & Bri Vaughn have enjoyed continued success in the hair industry since 2001.

With the belief and support of Mary Rector-Gable founder of and Winn Claybaugh of Paul Mitchell the School Christopher & Bri were given an incredible opportunity to work with a Robert Cromeans Salon in San Diego, California.

They spent the next nine years refining their craft with some of the most well-respected names in the industry: Robert Cromeans, Stephanie Kocielski, Takashi Kitamura, DJ Muldoon, etc... Chris also spent years working with Paul Mitchell as an educator and platform artist traveling across the United States in Chicago, Manhattan, Tampa, Las Vegas, and countless stops in between.

Eventually, Chris decided to stop traveling and became one of the Directors of Robert Cromeans Salon in downtown San Diego, overseeing the highly sought after ARCS Assistant training and education program.  Additionally, the couple continued their wildly successful business behind the chair.

In 2009, Chris & Bri decided to step away from ARCS and venture out on their own.

This brought them to Hyde Edwards Salon, Salon Ink, and Salon Santo Tomas, where they spent the next chapter working alongside incredibly talented stylists soaking up new techniques and products. This new world opened up new influences and further expanded their knowledge and skill set with brands like Kerastase, Loreal, Tigi, and Bumble.

Fast-forward to 2012; this fun-loving couple has moved closer to home and family. Along with their young daughter, they now call the San Luis Obispo on the Central California Coast home.

Committed to their beloved clients, they continued to travel to San Diego every month for the next six years. But, during a standard 2am drive home after a typical 48 hour 4 day work week, they realized that this wasn't sustainable. Especially, with a young daughter at home.

A blessing in disguise, this decision began the long journey to what is now called, Hunter Salon.